Advocacy and volunteerism is a large part of the Cloud City Wheelers mission.

The Cloud City Wheelers advocacy efforts advance our mission to build better communities through cycling by working with governments, allied organizations, neighborhoods, and our members.

The efforts of the Cloud City Wheelers will help improve and maintain trails, provide increased access, and help meet the diverse need of the community.

To date, the Wheelers have “adopted” trails and have worked with the San Isabel National Forest Service to help improve trails in our area.

The Wheelers have also worked with the Lake County government to create a pump track and dirt jumps to help get kids out riding and having fun.

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The Cloud City Wheelers, have proposed that Colorado Mountain College and The Lake County Board of County Commissioners formally recognize, authorize and organize the network of existing unpaved bicycle trails within Colorado Mountain College and adjoining Lake County property boundaries as a recreational resource for the citizens of Leadville/Lake County.

Our proposal for this trail network seeks to create a stacked loop trail system on land owned by Colorado Mountain College and Lake County. Currently there are two well used trails already being used on these properties. Our plan is to build new trails to create a stacked-loop system. A stacked loop system is a trail network consisting of various trails of different skill level. The beginner’s trails are close to the trailhead with the moderate and difficult trails further away. A stacked-loop system will make optimal use of this land.

The Cloud City Wheelers propose to adopt this trail system, provide volunteer labor and assist CMC and Lake County in designing, maintaining, and funding a sustainable, environmentally sound, and accessible trail network. Other organizations that will take part in creating, maintaining and using the trail system include the International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA) and Trips for Kids Leadville.

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