About Us

The Cloud City Wheelers – a bicycle club based at 10,154′ in Leadville, Colorado.

Guy on an antique bicycleA local club of male cyclists was formed in Leadville during 1889 and by May of 1893, bicycling had taken its place as a leading sport. In the early years of cycling in Lake County it was a men’s sport, but the ladies did not allow that haughty attitude to persist for long. By the early nineties a local journalist reported “the cycle craze broke out with something like a fury, affecting all grades and conditions of men and extending in somewhat milder form to the fair sex.”

It was further noted that locally there were fives types of cyclists. “The good and the very good, the bad and the very bad, and the incorrigibles. Have compassion for the kindergarten pupils, however, who are doing the best they can and do not deserve to be shot at. . .”

Riding the Mineral Belt Trail, Leadville, ColoradoThe Cloud City Wheelers are reborn!

A local club of cyclists has formed in Leadville again! The original Wheelmen have long since cycled to better rides, but a new version of the bike club has formed.

Join the Wheelers for fun rides, kids events, winter mountain bike races, trail restoration, or a BBQ at the pump track.

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